Schumacher 365 Week #49

Day 342/365



We have been wanting to check out Sandbox Sports for a long time now. We ventured down there on a Monday with Julie and Owen. The kids were less into it than we we thought they would be. To be fair, the sand was extremely cold on your bare feet, not sure we will be going back.

Day 343/365

Abbott is officially rocking up on his knees. He is so close to crawling.

Day 344/365


Finley and Declan’s school was having a fundraiser at our local frozen yogurt shop. We decided to venture out and support their school, since it was for a good cause and all. It was fun to go in our pajamas and enjoy frozen yogurt before bed; we rarely leave the house after dark anymore.

Day 345/365IMG_5837

Enjoying the rare occasion of having both babies asleep so I can have some “me” time. I was reading our book for bookclub and enjoying sleeping baby snuggles.

Day 346/365

I love our Coop preschool for many reasons, but the main one is Elsie gets to spend her time away from me with great friends. Corina texted this picture to me on a day I wasn’t in the classroom. I love receiving tests like these.

Day 347/365

Wake up sister! Abbott enjoys waking Elsie up, Elsie…not so much. She is such a good sleeper during the day…not so much at night.

Day 348/365IMG_5861Getting prepped and ready for our trip to Korea and Japan. We took our passport photos, now we just have to go and get our applications submitted.


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