As you can see, Elsie is not ready to give up all of the attention in the family. Typically a monthly photo shoot involves her talking in the background trying to get Abbott to smile.


This month Abbott continued to grow weighing in at 9 pounds 9 ounces. He spent more time awake and loved laying outside in the grass, kicking, smiling and going on adventures outside (in the shade). Abbott went on his first car trip to Spokane and spent time at Grandma and Grandpa’s House for Daddy’s 30th Birthday. We had a great trip over and a slow trip on the way back. DSC_3043

Abbott became a great sleeper in his second month. After eating every 3 hours during the day he sleeps from 9-3:30/4:30am with one 8 hour stretch. I was definitely getting spoiled (yet it didn’t last). He officially switch to size 1/2 diapers. DSC_3031

Okay, I realize Abbott is almost 8 months old, but this post had to happen at some point.



This boy has definitely captured our hearts. He is so much fun to be around and pretty mellow. He weighed in on 6/12/14 at 7 pounds 3 ounces. Our first week and a half were a bit rough with weight gain. Like Elsie, my milk supply is not exactly what it needs to be; after a week of around the clock feeding with continued weight loss we had to begin supplementing with formula. Immediately after starting formula he became a completely different baby; happier, more content, not hungry!


Our first month included a few fun adventures to the beach, friends houses for play dates, first bridal shower, wedding, and many lazy days at home. DSC_2904Abbott fit into newborn clothes and diapers; but needing to switch into size 1/2. He was eating every 3 hours during the day and sleeping one 4 hour stretch at night.


Day 364/365IMG_0098

Our annual visit to Santa went much better this year. Elsie had insisted to only stand by Santa, which we were fine with. This led to a non-crying picture. I am sure next year when Abbott understands what is going on we will be back to the crying pictures.

Day 365/365


Reading T’was the Night before Christmas before going to bed. This is something I remember doing during my childhood so I thought we could start the tradition this year with Elsie. She loved reading it with a flashlight.

***Okay this is where I realize I have mis-numbered somewhere in my posts for the last year. So…we will consider these “bonus” days because I don’t want to go back through 51 posts and find the mistakes.***



We had a fabulous Christmas with family and I couldn’t end the day without a picture of the kids in my favorite sled.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Josh and I have been talking about the day Elsie will need a haircut. So while we were shopping in Bellevue we decided to ask her if she was ready to get a trim. She was so excited. We went to a salon in Crossroads mall in Bellevue and it was fabulous. Elsie had a great time and was so excited to leave with a fresh hair cut and an Elsa braid. Just a few days ago she asked if she still had a haircut :). It was a lot less painful for me than I thought it would be. I am also happy to report she still has her crazy curls in the bottom of her hair. Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Christmas with my family is always chaotic. We were able to celebrate this year with most everyone (we missed you Steenhouses and Stephen). The kids were extremely spoiled by their aunts, uncles and grandparents.


We have become suckers for Dickey’s BBQ on Sundays. Kids eat free, free ice cream, what more could you ask for. On this particular trip we allowed Abbott to have some tastes of ice cream. He threw a fit after I took the ice cream away from him.


That’s a wrap on Christmas 2014. It is always fun to get all of the decorations out, but sometimes I am just as excited to get them packed up again after the holiday. This year I feel like I couldn’t get them down fast enough (it may have something to do with all of the toys consuming our house).

Abbott received this cute farm from Nama and Papa for Christmas. He is really enjoying playing/eating the animals. He looked like such a big boy sitting there playing with his farm. IMG_6209


We spent a quiet New Years Eve at home this year. After celebrating at noon with the Sary family we came home, got in our pajamas, and played for the rest of the night. The kids went to bed, we started watching Covert Affairs, and before we knew it it was midnight and we didn’t watch the ball drop.

Day 356/365



After a nice walk at the Marina we were able to head to the park and play for a little bit. It was kind of cold, but so nice to be outside in the sun playing again.

Day 357/365IMG_5989

Just a little glimpse into my morning with these 2. They love each other so much, but also love to get into their own personal bubbles. There was a lot of referreeing(??) that morning.

Day 358/365IMG_6011

The two of them were paying Dr. Anna in the hallway for about 1o minutes together. Elsie went from being Dr. Anna to being the patient. Abbott was along for the ride. (Note: Abbott is full on crawling now). I love watching them play together.

Day 359/365

Processed with VSCOcam with k1 preset

Josh’s work hosted a night at WildLights at Woodland Park Zoo. We enjoyed dinner with some of the families before heading to the zoo. It was a very rainy night, but we enjoyed ourselves. Couldn’t resist a picture of the kids in their matching jams.

Day 360/365IMG_6015

Every year we visit a neighborhood in Redondo with all of the houses lit up with Christmas lights. This year since Elsie is still rear facing in her carseat when we got to the neighborhood we pulled her out and let her ride on Josh’s lap (going 2-5mph mind you). She thought it was the greatest thing. At one point there was a house and tree done in blue and white lights. After my sister mentioned it looked like Frozen, Elsie said “frozen fractals”. She thought it was the coolest thing.

Day 361/365IMG_6025

For Christmas my mom bought Josh a ticket to the Gonzaga Battle in Seattle game. We were so excited to get out on the town for the night and watch our favorite Zags play. It was such a fun game and even more fun because I actually know all the players and watch the games regularly. Thanks mom for watching the kids.

Day 362/365IMG_6039

Nothing like a major diaper blowout to bring a family together. What you can’t see is Elsie in the bathroom telling Abbott he was stinky and me in the doorway documenting the whole situation.

Day 363/365IMG_6043Elsie has entered the dress myself stage. She gets so excited to pick out her outfits every day, putting the clothes on, and then proudly showing us what she has done. This day was no exception. She was so proud of herself, backwards shirt and all.



Day 349/365


While attending the Mrs. Claus story time at the mall Elsie took a good fall and had a giant goose egg on her forehead. I asked for first aid immediately and due to the nature of the fall and her forehead looking like it was going to burst open at any moment I asked them to call EMT’s. This is not our first rodeo with Elsie and a head wound, but they are scary each time. She ended up being just fine and returned to her normal self after a good nap. She definitely keeps us on our toes.

Day 350/365


Just some Christmas crafting. Elsie thought it was so great we got to paint at home (clearly a rare occurrence).

Day 351/365


Abbott started scooting/crawling on his belly a little bit more. He found the Christmas tree and thought the tree skirt tasted so good.

Day 352/365


Elsie had a cardiology follow-up appointment in Seattle. The doctor wasn’t able to hear her heart murmur any longer so they took her back for an ultrasound to confirm it was closed up. Unfortunately it was not closed, but it is so small they are still not worried about it. We will follow up again in 2-3 years for them to do a full check up. We are so thankful for the wonderful cardiologist we have been seeing since she was 5 months old. She is reassuring and full of knowledge.

Day 353/365


Just a little late night newsletter writing. A perk of being the president at Elsie’s coop.

Day 354/365


We had a weekend without plans so we decided to throw the kids in the car and visit our old stomping grounds. It had been a few years since we visited Bellingham and while some things have changed many haven’t. It was fun to walk the campus with the kids and visit Fairhaven dorms where it all began.

Day 355/365


We had our annual Friends Dinner in December at our house this year. Unfortunately only the Hempelmanns were able to make it. We thought it would be a good idea to decorate gingerbread houses with the kids. Wow…it was interesting, but tons of fun. The houses looked great and I believe Julie and Scott left with one wired little boy.

Day 342/365



We have been wanting to check out Sandbox Sports for a long time now. We ventured down there on a Monday with Julie and Owen. The kids were less into it than we we thought they would be. To be fair, the sand was extremely cold on your bare feet, not sure we will be going back.

Day 343/365

Abbott is officially rocking up on his knees. He is so close to crawling.

Day 344/365


Finley and Declan’s school was having a fundraiser at our local frozen yogurt shop. We decided to venture out and support their school, since it was for a good cause and all. It was fun to go in our pajamas and enjoy frozen yogurt before bed; we rarely leave the house after dark anymore.

Day 345/365IMG_5837

Enjoying the rare occasion of having both babies asleep so I can have some “me” time. I was reading our book for bookclub and enjoying sleeping baby snuggles.

Day 346/365

I love our Coop preschool for many reasons, but the main one is Elsie gets to spend her time away from me with great friends. Corina texted this picture to me on a day I wasn’t in the classroom. I love receiving tests like these.

Day 347/365

Wake up sister! Abbott enjoys waking Elsie up, Elsie…not so much. She is such a good sleeper during the day…not so much at night.

Day 348/365IMG_5861Getting prepped and ready for our trip to Korea and Japan. We took our passport photos, now we just have to go and get our applications submitted.


Day 335/365

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Happy 6 months to our big guy! I couldn’t imagine our family without our happy boy in it. He is always smiling and happy to be around us. It makes the long nights worth it when he gives you his gummy smile.

Day 336/365IMG_5697

Having fun with our dollar store balloon. Abbott loved seeing his reflection in the balloon and Elsie was being silly.

Day 337/365IMG_5703

Watching these 3 on Wednesdays can be very interesting. They all absolutely love playing in the house.

Day 338/365IMG_5730


We forgot to take a picture before everyone stripped down,but I am so thankful for these 3 to be in my life. They make my days fun and entertaining.

Day 339/365

I love the joy Elsie gets from riding the $.25 horse at Fred Meyer. I wish life could always be this simple for her.

Day 340/365

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetSnow! Elsie was so excited to wake up to snow. She wanted to get bundled up and go play in it immediately. We went for a nice walk to Starbucks and then came home and enjoyed the snow in our front yard. It stayed around for quite a few days and every morning when Elsie woke up she was convinced it had snowed again. It is hard to reason with a 2 year old sometimes.

Day 341/365


Our annual trip to Coates Tree Farm was a success. We love going and finding the perfect tree together. This year may have been the coldest, but it was sunny and nice to be out there again.


Day 328/365


While at the local drug store picking up Josh’s prescription Elsie spotted Frozen wrapping paper. I couldn’t resist getting it for her. The excitement on her face carrying it out of the store was worth the $8 I paid for it.

Day 329/365IMG_5575

Taco Time for the win! Elsie got this fun straw glasses as part of her kids meal. She had so much fun using them.

Day 330/365IMG_5583

When did he get big enough to sit up and play with his toys?! I feel like he is growing up so fast, but it is fun to watch him learn new tricks and be so proud of himself.

Day 331/365IMG_5626

A doctor’s appointment for mom leads to fun glove “elephants” for Elsie. We had a pre-op appointment for a minor procedure and Elsie received this elephant from her favorite doctor (My OB).

Day 332/365


Just helping Daddy out at work. Elsie loves visiting Josh at work so we joined him for lunch. Abbott loved sitting in his chair and typing.

Day 333/365IMG_5661

I finally got around to painting my bathroom. I had bought the paint back in August and never wanted to commit to painting the whole bathroom. I decided since I was hosting a party at my house it would be the perfect time to paint the bathroom…man why do I always do this to myself?! The bathroom turned out great and I am glad I finally bit the bullet and painted. Now to paint the other bathroom…maybe that will happen in 2015.

Day 334/365IMG_5665For awhile now we have been trying to figure out Elsie’s new sleep schedule. If she doesn’t nap she is super cranky by dinner time, which is too early for her to go to sleep. If she does nap she won’t go to sleep at night. This was a day where she did nap. I believe this was at 9:30 and she was full of energy wanting to play trains with Josh.


Day 320/365


Elsie, Abbott and I joined our friends Owen and Julie at the zoo on a gorgeous fall day. They threw pumpkins into the hippo exhibit and we were able to watch them attack the pumpkins and eat them.

Day 321/365


This is a daily occurrence at our house. Elsie just has so much love for Abbott she can’t control it.

Day 323/365



We were having a tough day.

Day 324/365



Nothing better than pretty nails and a coffee to end a day.

Day 325/365


I tried making pretzel bites for the first time. They were for book club with my mom friends and I was afraid there wouldn’t be any left by the time I left. Luckily they were. I have always been so afraid of making yeast dough recipes, but they aren’t too hard; just intimidating.

Day 326/365


Corina and I were able to escape our toddlers and spend a day shopping and eating. We had Ada and Abbott with us, but enjoyed a lunch at Din Tai Fung and shopping at Bellevue Square. It was not 100% relaxing with the babies, but it was nice to get away.

Day 327/365 10411222_10101108574310250_4402669366158020577_nWe officially booked our tickets to Korea. We are so excited to be able to visit our friends and spend 3 weeks in Korea and Japan. We are SO looking forward to March when we leave.


Day 313/365



My walking partners for the day.

Day 314/365



She insisted to sit right in between the two sleeping babies.

Day 315/365



An Elsie selfie! I love when I find things like this on my phone.

Day 316/365

Abbott is a jumping machine. He has so much energy.

Day 317/365



A beautiful day for a walk down at the water.

Day 318/365



Out for a walk in the trees with the Fam!

Day 319/365



We were out to dinner and when I looked over I noticed Josh and Abbott were dressed as twins.