Schumacher 365 Week #46

Day 320/365


Elsie, Abbott and I joined our friends Owen and Julie at the zoo on a gorgeous fall day. They threw pumpkins into the hippo exhibit and we were able to watch them attack the pumpkins and eat them.

Day 321/365


This is a daily occurrence at our house. Elsie just has so much love for Abbott she can’t control it.

Day 323/365



We were having a tough day.

Day 324/365



Nothing better than pretty nails and a coffee to end a day.

Day 325/365


I tried making pretzel bites for the first time. They were for book club with my mom friends and I was afraid there wouldn’t be any left by the time I left. Luckily they were. I have always been so afraid of making yeast dough recipes, but they aren’t too hard; just intimidating.

Day 326/365


Corina and I were able to escape our toddlers and spend a day shopping and eating. We had Ada and Abbott with us, but enjoyed a lunch at Din Tai Fung and shopping at Bellevue Square. It was not 100% relaxing with the babies, but it was nice to get away.

Day 327/365 10411222_10101108574310250_4402669366158020577_nWe officially booked our tickets to Korea. We are so excited to be able to visit our friends and spend 3 weeks in Korea and Japan. We are SO looking forward to March when we leave.


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