Day 240/365

IMG_3940Our good friends Corina and Art had their little girl 3 weeks early. We got a chance to meet her when she was 2 days old. She was so small (born at 4lbs. 11 ounces). It was so hard for me to remember Elsie being only 3 ounces larger than her. We can’t wait for some snuggles.

Day 241/365

IMG_3956Moments like these make the hard days we have worth it. She loves her brother so much, yet doesn’t understand her true strength.

Day 242/365IMG_3961

Never too busy for afternoon snuggles.

Day 243/365

Processed with VSCOcam with p4 presetWe spent the day at the Puyallup Fair and we found another horse to ride. Elsie was excited to see they had 3 carousels and many more fun rides at the fair. She also enjoyed a giant corn dog, yet didn’t not want to touch the fair scone. #isshereallyourchild

Day 244/365

IMG_3988Anna’s having a baby! We spent the afternoon celebrating the upcoming arrival of Anna and Tanner’s baby boy. Our picture was incomplete without Melissa, but we had a great time and this baby is so loved already.

Day 245/365

IMG_4112Elsie was so pleased Sophie would share her quesadilla with her. I love seeing the cousins grow up together.

Day 246/365

IMG_4125He is too much!







Day 233/365

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset


We were struck with hand, foot, mouth at our house. This was one of our days in isolation, Josh was working at the table, while the kids and I tried to stay busy.

Day 234/365

IMG_3883A glass of wine was needed after a long stressful day running Elsie’s preschool. To be honest, only a third of the glass was drunk. It is hard getting back into it after having a baby.

Day 235/365

IMG_3894Our last outing of the summer with our cousins was a trip to the zoo. I thought this picture Kim captured of the kids was perfect. The littles relaxing while Finley pulls them.

Day 236/365

IMG_3907Josh’s work has a suite for the Sounder’s matches. He was able to get us suite passes to enjoy a game with his work. It was the best way to watch a sporting event with little kids. First there was food (the way to my heart), comfortable seats, personal bathroom, and the kids couldn’t escape. We had a blast and I hope we didn’t bug his coworkers too much.

Day 237/365

IMG_3928Elsie has a fascination with trains, so we thought it would be fitting to take her on a “train” ride. The closest thing we could come up with was a ride on the light rail into the city. She absolutely loved it. We went into the city, walked the whole thing, grabbed lunch, and came home before nap. She has talked about the train ever since.

Day 238/365

IMG_3929A picture of our “after”. This garden was extremely neglected all season and needed a fresh start. Sadly, it still looks like this week later, but I promise I will find time to finish it up.

Day 239/365

IMG_3939Elsie, Abbott, and I visited Morgan at Gregory Heights. Elsie felt it was her job to get the class ready for the first day of school. She checked over the class list, taped things into “place”, and created Morgan’s seating chart for the first day of school. I think she might have a little teacher in her blood.








Day 226/365

IMG_4481Braxas turns 2! We spent the morning celebrating Braxas at a wonderful birthday party thrown by his mom (and Sheri). Sadly we weren’t able to celebrate with Oliver because he came down with Hand, Foot, Mouth.

Day 227/365

IMG_3788.JPGJust a little morning tummy time.

Day 228/365

IMG_0062Yay! We got to talk with the Rudes in Korea for the first time. It was so good to see their apartment and talk with them even though they are half a world away.

Day 229/365

Processed with VSCOcam with k2 presetWe decided to spend the beautiful day at the mountain. On our way up to Mt. Rainier we saw a sign for Northwest Trek. We pulled off the road and explored the wildlife park for the morning, then headed up to Paradise at Mount Rainier. We did a little hike and enjoyed the wonderful weather.

Day 230/365

IMG_3816.JPGThis little guy is 3 months old! He has so much personality.

Day 231/365

IMG_3824Her sense of fashion may make the magazines one day. For the time being I will continue to take pictures and giggle every time we leave the house.

Day 232/365

IMG_3846.JPGSibling love!








Day 219/365

IMG_4477.JPGToday was the day we had to say goodbye to the Rudes. They took a teaching job in South Korea for a year. We can’t wait to go visit them in the spring, but we miss them a lot.

Day 220/365

IMG_4478.JPGElsie insisted on having Evie over for a pool playdate, even though it was about 60 degrees out. Right before this picture Elsie was running and tripped over the edge of the pool doing a belly flop. She lasted for about 5 more minutes before she decided it was time to go inside.

Day 221/365

IMG_4479.JPGWhile I was getting the kids dressed I realized their matching Seahawks onesies wouldn’t fit very much longer so we decided to participate in our first Blue Friday.

Day 222/365

IMG_4482.JPGWe spend the day at the lake for Mason’s birthday. These cousins just couldn’t handle all the partying that was happening. I love their poses, can you say related?!

Day 223/365

IMG_0068.JPGI woke up the next day so sick that all I could stomach was applesauce and laying in bed. Luckily Josh took care of the kids and I was given a day of rest.

Day 224/365

IMG_4480.JPGBy the looks of it you wouldn’t be able to tell she didn’t nap and screamed at me for over an hour. Who says staying home is always glorious.

Day 225/365

IMG_4483.JPGWhile making biscuits for dinner Elsie decided she needed to help. She took all of the leftover dough and placed it in the cookie cutter. I love when she helps me in the kitchen. Note the tutu.








Day 212/365



We tried to attend a family event at the library and it was highly inappropriate for our kids. So we met up with some friends at the park. At one point all three girls and their dads were playing on the play structure and having fun.


Day 213/265



Elsie cannot miss a carousel ride when she sees one. This girl is happiest on a horse.


Day 214/365


This is what happens when I won’t let her escape from the park after I just had let her back in. A major meltdown.

Day 215/365



We had the chance to spend the day at Remlinger Farm. We purchased a groupon earlier in the summer that gave us unlimited access to the park. Elsie has a great time and her favorite part was the roller coaster. We have a daredevil on our hands.

Day 216/365

IMG_3667.JPGWe were able to finally relax after a very busy weekend and watch our new addiction, Veronica Mars.

Day 217/365

IMG_3676.JPGThis is the second time in less than a year I have run something over and popped a tire. Thankfully this time they were able to patch the tire and we didn’t have to replace it.

Day 218/365

IMG_4473-0.JPGMy aunt takes us shopping every year for our birthday and this year Abbott was able to join us. He was definitely enjoying his first pedicure experience 🙂




Day 205/365



Day 206/365


Couldn’t resist a group trip down the slide.

Day 207/365


Celebrating 5 year of marriage with this guy! Couldn’t ask for a better man to spend my life with.



We rode the ducks. We had the chance to ride the ducks through Josh’s work. Elsie had the best time. She danced and waved the entire ride.

Day 209/365


She could feed ducks all day every day. Recently there have been a lot more ducks at the marina. Elsie is enjoying it ver much.

Day 210/365


I love my quality time with this guy while sister is napping.

Day 211/365


Pickle time! My sisters and I canned 20lbs. of pickles each. Only 3 month of waiting and then I can try them to see if my hard work was worth it.

Day 198/365


Sometimes I just need more hands.

Day 199/365


Elsie really wanted to try our sriracha, so we let her. She didn’t like it after a bite or two and kept wiping her tongue.

Day 200/365


We headed out camping for the weekend at family property in Chehalis. Didn’t last long because as we were falling asleep Elsie threw up. We headed home the next evening.

Day 201/365


The girls were really enjoying their walk. Each of them found pretty flowers (mostly weeds) to
Hand out when we got back.

Day 202/365


All summer Josh and I have been focusing on getting out and moving more (thanks fitbit), on this day we explored the green river trail. It has been so nice getting outside more often.

Day 203/365


When I went to get a green tea at Starbucks I was lucky enough for the guy in front of me to buy my drink. As I went to pay it forward I found out he had paid for the whole line. What a nice surprise.

Day 204/365


Every week this summer we have been meeting up with Owen, Julie, Sarah, Hadley, and Annika around the sound. On this day we met at Alki and expired Whale Tail Park.

Day 197/365


We spent the evening at Golden gardens with Josh’s work. We had a great time lambing in the sand, eating, and Elsie got to go on two different boats for a ride.

Day 198/365


We got to see our friends from preschool and Elsie spent a good amount of the time in a dog crate. Why do we even buy this girl toys?

Day 199/365


Elsie and Abbott took their very first bath together. Elsie thought it was the best thing ever. I felt like it was very stressful.

Day 200/365


For my birthday we went and saw Thomas the Train in Snoqualmie and then went on a hike to Franklin Falls up by the pass. We had a great day.

Day 201/365


Elsie cannot resist a good bounce house. Jennifer let is borrow their bounce house for a week and Elsie was in heaven.

Day 202/365



Day 203/365


We were sad to have to say goodbye the the Rudes before they left for Korea. Zack was soaking in his last moments with the kids until we visit in the spring.

Wow! I got a couple weeks behind.

Day 190/365


We met up with Julie, Owen, Sarah, Hadley, and Annika at Crossroads Splash park. Elsie had a lot of fun, but there were a lot of places for them to hide. I love hanging out with our friends in the summer.

Day 191/365


Elsie has become quite the monkey lately. She learned how to climb the spider web at the park and thinks she is so big now.

Day 192/365


Just a little picnic in Nama’s backyard. Could he be any cuter?

Day 193/365


Burien held an Awesome Kids Day and we were able to go and see Recess Monkey with our cousins. We had a great day.

Day 194/365


Abbott got to experiences Total Wine for the first time while we were picking up beer for Daddy’s 30th birthday party. Too bad he doesn’t know what he was missing.

Day 195/365


Elsie wasn’t feeling very good, so we had a lazy morning and lots of cuddles. I could take days like these more often.

Day 196/365


We were able to see Recess Monkey again with our friends up in Kirkland. They always put on such a great concert.

Day 183/365


On this day Elsie gave her mama a heart attack. While feeding Abbott in the middle if the night I always check in on Elsie. When I looked at the camera I could see her and started freaking out. After panning the camera a little I found she had made it off her bed all the way to her play house.

Day 184/365


Raspberry picking. Elsie was into playing more than picking. She also gave Saviah a raspberry and it looked like a scene out of Dexter.

Day 185/365


We spent the holiday in Spokane. After celebrating Josh’s birthday with yummy kabobs we took a walk to the park to play with our Auntie Amy. Elsie had a blast.

Day 186/365


We spent the day in Idaho with the Callen side of the family (Abbott’s middle name is after this side of the family). On our way up to their property we drove past Abbott Road. We thought it was fitting to take a picture. Elsie loved going for a walk in the woods.

Day 187/365


After a morning spent at Riverfront Park, we started the long journey home. The kids weren’t doing the best in the backseat so it required me to sit with them. It was enjoyable for a short time, but it did get a little uncomfortable.

Day 188/365


There is nothing sweeter than a boy that falls asleep during tummy time.

Day 189/365


Abbott went on his first trip to the zoo!