Schumacher 365 Week #51

Day 356/365



After a nice walk at the Marina we were able to head to the park and play for a little bit. It was kind of cold, but so nice to be outside in the sun playing again.

Day 357/365IMG_5989

Just a little glimpse into my morning with these 2. They love each other so much, but also love to get into their own personal bubbles. There was a lot of referreeing(??) that morning.

Day 358/365IMG_6011

The two of them were paying Dr. Anna in the hallway for about 1o minutes together. Elsie went from being Dr. Anna to being the patient. Abbott was along for the ride. (Note: Abbott is full on crawling now). I love watching them play together.

Day 359/365

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Josh’s work hosted a night at WildLights at Woodland Park Zoo. We enjoyed dinner with some of the families before heading to the zoo. It was a very rainy night, but we enjoyed ourselves. Couldn’t resist a picture of the kids in their matching jams.

Day 360/365IMG_6015

Every year we visit a neighborhood in Redondo with all of the houses lit up with Christmas lights. This year since Elsie is still rear facing in her carseat when we got to the neighborhood we pulled her out and let her ride on Josh’s lap (going 2-5mph mind you). She thought it was the greatest thing. At one point there was a house and tree done in blue and white lights. After my sister mentioned it looked like Frozen, Elsie said “frozen fractals”. She thought it was the coolest thing.

Day 361/365IMG_6025

For Christmas my mom bought Josh a ticket to the Gonzaga Battle in Seattle game. We were so excited to get out on the town for the night and watch our favorite Zags play. It was such a fun game and even more fun because I actually know all the players and watch the games regularly. Thanks mom for watching the kids.

Day 362/365IMG_6039

Nothing like a major diaper blowout to bring a family together. What you can’t see is Elsie in the bathroom telling Abbott he was stinky and me in the doorway documenting the whole situation.

Day 363/365IMG_6043Elsie has entered the dress myself stage. She gets so excited to pick out her outfits every day, putting the clothes on, and then proudly showing us what she has done. This day was no exception. She was so proud of herself, backwards shirt and all.


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