Schumacher 365 Week #47

Day 328/365


While at the local drug store picking up Josh’s prescription Elsie spotted Frozen wrapping paper. I couldn’t resist getting it for her. The excitement on her face carrying it out of the store was worth the $8 I paid for it.

Day 329/365IMG_5575

Taco Time for the win! Elsie got this fun straw glasses as part of her kids meal. She had so much fun using them.

Day 330/365IMG_5583

When did he get big enough to sit up and play with his toys?! I feel like he is growing up so fast, but it is fun to watch him learn new tricks and be so proud of himself.

Day 331/365IMG_5626

A doctor’s appointment for mom leads to fun glove “elephants” for Elsie. We had a pre-op appointment for a minor procedure and Elsie received this elephant from her favorite doctor (My OB).

Day 332/365


Just helping Daddy out at work. Elsie loves visiting Josh at work so we joined him for lunch. Abbott loved sitting in his chair and typing.

Day 333/365IMG_5661

I finally got around to painting my bathroom. I had bought the paint back in August and never wanted to commit to painting the whole bathroom. I decided since I was hosting a party at my house it would be the perfect time to paint the bathroom…man why do I always do this to myself?! The bathroom turned out great and I am glad I finally bit the bullet and painted. Now to paint the other bathroom…maybe that will happen in 2015.

Day 334/365IMG_5665For awhile now we have been trying to figure out Elsie’s new sleep schedule. If she doesn’t nap she is super cranky by dinner time, which is too early for her to go to sleep. If she does nap she won’t go to sleep at night. This was a day where she did nap. I believe this was at 9:30 and she was full of energy wanting to play trains with Josh.


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