Schumacher 365 Week #44

Day 306/365



Abbott is in the bouncer and Elsie wishes she was.

Day 307/365



Daddy was out of town for work, so we enjoyed a nice dinner at Nama and Papa’s house. Elsie was eating dessert faster than Nama could put it in the bowl.

Day 308/365


Shhhh…Don’t tell Daddy.

Day 309/365

IMG_0079 (1)


Trick or Treat. Elsie decided to be Merida for the Halloween. We went trick or treating with Finley, Declan, and Saviah in our neighborhood. She had a blast.

Day 310/365



First eggnog latte of the season. I was so excited to go get a red cup drink and for some reason this Starbucks did not have red cups yet. I was so disappointed.

Day 311/365



Elsie got to go on a shopping spree at the zoo when we forgot her coat at home. It was the most expensive “free” trip to the zoo we have ever gone on.

Day 312/365

IMG_5274Elsie performed to Taylor Swift for us. In the background you can tell Abbott is more interested in Taylor than Elsie.


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