Schumacher 365 Week #43

Day 299/365



The excitement of our walk this afternoon was watching the boat get lowered into the water. Elsie was mesmerized.

Day 300/365



Late night jam sessions are sometimes a must.

Day 301/365



Abbott started solids and carrots soon became one of his favorites.

Day 302/365

IMG_5045“Teaching” a bunch of 2 year olds is exhausting!

Day 303/365



After visiting baby Carter we went and explored a nature preserve in Maple Valley. It was a near perfect day to explore.

Day 304/365

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Ready for the preschool Trunk or Treat. Elsie chose to be Ariel and Abbott was a T-Rex.

Day 305/365

IMG_5089Halloween playdate with our friends. Julie put together a fun craft and lunch for us to do. I love these kids.


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