Schumacher 365 Week #42

Day 292/365



The first of many stormy walks this seasons.

Day 293/365



Happiness is a new pair of shoes that fits. While we were in Yellowstone we discovered her shoes were too small. When her new shoes arrived she was very excited she could give her old ones to Saviah.

Day 294/365

IMG_4957These two were so excited their big sisters were playing. I hope Abbott and Ada become best friends like Elsie and Evie.

Day 295/365



Abbott tried sitting in the cart for the first time. He was not a huge fan after about 10 minutes, but Elsie loved it.

Day 296/365



Fun at the pumpkin patch with Nama and some of the cousins. We love this yearly tradition of spending the day at the pumpkin patch with family.

Day 297/365



Abbott spent the morning practicing his rolling over and passed out. I am addicted to his cute little face.

Day 298/365

IMG_4977Elsie had another check up at the dentist. She did such a good job. I hope when she has to start the cleaning visits she will do just as good.


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