Schumacher 365 Week #40

Day 268/365


On one of our afternoon walks we went past Auntie Jennifer’s house. Saviah thought it was hilarious to bug Abbott in his stroller.

Day 269/365


Nothing like waiting until the last day to correct Abbott’s middle name. I don’t think anybody that works at social security likes their job.

Day 270/365


Trying to quit naps is hard on everyone.

Day 271/365


Relaxing after our first leg of a very long road trip to Yellowstone.

Day 272/365

IMG_4680Montana is beautiful!

Day 273/365

IMG_4816On our first day in Yellowstone we checked out all of the geysers around Old Faithful. Abbott sat in a stroller for the very first time and loved it.

Day 274/365

IMG_4821Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. It was so beautiful.




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