Schumacher 365 Week #38

Day 254/365


Operation Shortening Nap Time began. It was not successful, and it is still not successful most days, but we are trying to get there so Elsie starts going to bed at her bedtime again.

Day 255/365

IMG_4448Just a little dress up fun. Abbott has learned to be very patient with Elsie as his sister. He is the best little brother she could ever ask for.

Day 256/365



A beautiful day led to playing with dirt in the pool. She was so proud of herself.

Day 257/365



Our little knight. Elsie picked this costume out at Costco and was so excited to try it on. She has started to really enjoy dressing up. It is fun to watch her imagination at work.

Day 258/365

IMG_4493I found Elsie like this in Ace. She was taking the lighter fluid and pretending to pour it in her hands and apply it to her face. She always is keeping us no our toes.

Day 259/365

IMG_4495Happy 1st Birthday Saviah!

Day 260/365

IMG_4501Elsie made a purchase. I was looking at this kitchen on my phone (for Christmas) and Elsie took my phone from me. She managed to purchase it without me knowing. When Josh was on his way home from work that night he asked if I had bought the kitchen from Amazon and it had already shipped. After talking with Amazon they allowed us to return it. I learned my lesson for sure.






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