Big Sister

Elsie is a great big sister. There are times she is too “strong” for brother, but other than that I don’t think she could love him more than she does. She is always talking to him and interacting with him. Here are some of my favorite moments of them together.


10258855_10100904707206560_4033094392410884146_oTheir first time seeing each other.


The demand of two kids can be overwhelming at times.


She loved holding him when he was little. IMG_2973 IMG_2986 IMG_3103

“Roll over brother”IMG_3114 IMG_3190 IMG_3277 IMG_3368

Helping feed him a bottle. IMG_3424 IMG_3440 IMG_3469 IMG_3531

She insisted we go down the slide together at the park. I couldn’t resist. IMG_3706 IMG_3788

She needed in on the morning session of tummy time. IMG_3833 IMG_3844 IMG_3931

Reading books to brother.IMG_3955 IMG_3966 IMG_4448


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