Abbott Callen Schumacher

While thinking about writing Abbott’s 1, 2, and 3 month posts I was looking back to see what I had written about his birth and realized I hadn’t posted anything…oops. Here we go.

When I hit 35 weeks I could tell my patience was thinning while waiting for Abbott to come. I has been under the impression throughout the pregnancy that it wouldn’t be unusual for me to have Abbott early, like his sister. As the weeks went on I am sure everyone was tired of me saying he was coming any day, when in reality he was going to wait almost until his due date.

Here is me at 39 weeks pregnant.


Labor started for me this time very different than it started with Elsie. I was sitting on the couch Friday night (5/23) chatting with my friends on facebook messenger answering baby questions for our good friend Anna (due in October). I didn’t want to tell anyone I was pretty sure labor was starting, because at that point my contractions were about 10-15 minutes apart. As we got closer to going to bed they became closer together, but still not very painful. It wasn’t until about 9 or 10 o’clock that the contractions went from being slightly uncomfortable to very uncomfortable. I started timing them some more, but they were still about 10 minutes apart. Josh and I were pretty sure this was it, so he decided to go to bed and try to get some sleep, while I stayed up because I was too uncomfortable to sleep. Around 11:30 I headed to bed to try to get some sleep, but then the contractions started to really hurt. At this point they went from 10 minutes apart to 7-8 minutes. We weren’t sure they would stay that far apart for long so we gave the doctor a call (with Elsie I went from water breaking to birth in 3.5 hours, we thought this would be the same).

The hospital told us to come in if we felt we need to and they would check us out. By the time we called my sister to come be with Elsie and my mom to meet us at the hospital it was almost 1am. Upon check-in it had almost been 20 minutes since my last contraction. I was pretty sure they were going to send me home. While we were sitting in triage, my contractions went from being uncomfortable to being painful. I was starting to have back labor. They finally admitted me around 3 o’clock telling us we were having a baby. In the time between 3 and 6 in the morning I went from thinking it would be fast and not too painful to being in so much pain I couldn’t handle it without an epidural. After waiting for what seemed like forever the anesthesiologist came in and gave me the best medicine in the world. I was able to relax a little, but it definitely was still uncomfortable.


From 6am to Noon I continued to progress despite the fact that Abbott was not coming out without a fight. He was face up and not moving down very fast. At Noon I was sitting at a 9.5 and just waiting for the last little bit to dilate. We thought I would start pushing any minute. After about 2.5 hours of wanting to push, but not being dilated enough they determined I wouldn’t be able to have Abbott on my own and I would need an emergency c-section. This may have been the hardest news for me. I didn’t understand how I could so easily have Elsie and then not be able to give birth to Abbott as well. After many tears they rolled me back to the operating room.

At 2:58pm Abbott Callen Schumacher was born. I saw him for the first time in this picture.



As they began putting me back together I became nauseous and basically having a panic attack. They ended up having to push a lot of medicines to knock me out (which may have been in their best interest, Josh said I was screaming with every stitch). I wasn’t able to hold and cuddle my baby until they rolled me back into my room.

10382327_10100904705699580_7104962736628804824_oWe could not be more in love with Abbott.


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