Schumacher 365 Week #37

Day 247/365

IMG_4130A girl and a horse. Elsie is absolutely obsessed with horses these days.

Day 248/365

IMG_4148Elsie and I had to deliver something to Anna for her to get ready for baby. While we were there Anna was conducting interviews with her students. Elsie thought it was necessary for her to help Anna conduct the interviews. I can’t believe how quiet she was.

Day 249/365

IMG_4160Elsie finally had her first day of school. She has been asking every day this summer when school starts. This year she is in the Dragonfly class and her teacher is Colleen.

Day 250/365

IMG_4176Hello Seaside! Josh, Elsie, Abbott and I took a quick weekend getaway to Seaside. This was our view from our room. It could not have been a better location.

Day 251/365

10702225_10101035549826900_7107543284095510725_nIt was close to 80 degrees when we were at the ocean, which is crazy! While we were there we checked out Haystack Rock. There are some good tide pools along the rock. Sadly wasting disease has hit the sea stars on the coast as well, so there weren’t any to see, but there were some crabs, lots of anemones, and mussels.

Day 252/365

IMG_4208On our way home we went the roundabout way. We were headed to Astoria for fish and chips, but they were closed, so our next “closest” place was Long Beach. We grabbed our food and headed to the beach to eat. The weather went from beautiful and sunny to foggy and a little colder once we were on the beach. Elsie had so much fun splashing in the water. She came back from the water completely soaked.

Day 253/365

IMG_4214We missed Sophie’s birthday party while we were at the beach, but we didn’t miss her actual birthday. We met up with my mom and sisters at the Seattle Costco and celebrated Sophie’s birthday with cupcakes in the back of Nama’s car. Does your family celebrate birthdays in the parking lot of Costco?






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